What is a Watershed?

"It's a land area that channels rainfall and snowmelt to creeks, streams, and rivers and eventually to outflow points such as reservoirs, bays and the ocean."



An educated and engaged community preserving and improving the local watershed.

S.E.A. supports teachers in public and private schools and after-school programs in Camden and Rockport by awarding grants for projects, activities, and professional development that further its mission.


S.E.A also hosts events and donates to local organizations for materials, projects and programs that support its mission.

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Pre-School and Elementary

Encourage students to feel delight in the creatures that inhabit our watershed as well as a sense of stewardship for them and their physical environment

Middle School

Encourage students to develop respect and concern for the local watershed including the plants and animals that inhabit it. Encourage students to develop basic skills of inquiry and research.

High School

Encourage students to undertake projects that examine specific issues and concerns regarding the local watershed and to report their findings to the community.

Community Programs

Engage and educate the community about the need for good stewardship of local watersheds and provide tools to encourage and support that work.

Support S.E.A. Today!

Meet The Board


Barbara Lawrence

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Lynn Rutter

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David St Laurent


Elphie Owen


Joee Patterson


Sarah Doudera


Wayne Ruesswick

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Helen Bass

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Jesse Bifulco

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Des FitzGerald

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Jeffrey Runge

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Esperanza Stanchioff


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