Jay Burnett


Jay Burnett is a retired magazine editor and entrepreneur, having spent more than 25 years with publications in Alabama, Pennsylvania and Florida before founding Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, Inc., a certified organic, specialty coffee company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. He is a Florida Master Naturalist and past president of the Florida Magazine Association, and is the recipient of more than 60 state, regional and national awards for feature writing, service journalism, magazine production and photography.
A native of Alabama, he is a graduate of Auburn University and the University Tennessee, where during that time he worked as an Extension communications specialist at both schools, and later with South Carolina Sea Grant in Charleston, South Carolina. He was named in 2016 by the Florida Times-Union as one of 13 “Visionaries for the New Jacksonville,” which cited his company for creating that city’s flourishing coffee culture, and his shops as idea salons in and for a “new” Jacksonville. He and his wife Maureen live in Camden.