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S.E.A. needs your time, your help, your financial support, and above all your commitment to be a better steward of our local Camden and Rockport watershed. We are all connected by and to our watershed.  If one of us pollutes it with a carelessly dropped cigarette, a tossed bottle or plastic bag, or uses chemical fertilizers and pesticides, we all suffer and so do the creatures with which we share the watershed. 


It can take a long time to understand the effects of our actions. Who could have predicted that micro-plastics from synthetic materials in our clothing and laundered into the watershed would affect the growth of lobster larvae? And yet, that is exactly what we now know is happening.


S.E.A. brings together people of diverse backgrounds learning together about how our behavior affects our watershed. Through grants to our teachers, and community events, we support good stewardship.  With the help of researchers, scientists, practitioners and each other we are learning what we must do. It’s not easy to accept that our habits are impacting our watershed. It’s not easy to change accepted behavior, but we can and increasingly we understand that we must. With your support, S.E.A. is helping make that happen. 


Thank you.


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Ways you can donate:


By Mail

P.O. Box 446

Camden, Maine 04843


Unfortunately, this web platform will not permit donations of a customized amount. If you would like to donate in a different amount, please send a check to:


P.O. Box 446

Camden, ME  04843


Making a donation by check also avoids the fee on a credit card transaction.

Get Involved

What You Can Do...

  • Tell your friends.

  • Share the S.E.A. Facebook page and website.

  • Come to events.

  • Donate to help fund a project

  • Help organize and host events.

  • Bake organic cookies.

  • Give a party.

  • Write a grant.

  • Take photographs for the website and Facebook page.

  • Contribute ideas for programs, projects, and events we should sponsor

  • Help stock the Touch Tank

  • Help with a field trip.

  • Write thank you notes

  • Organize and maintain a database

  • Help with publication


Thank You!





4:00 PM (and for now, by ZOOM).

The Board and officers of S.E.A. meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the History Center of Camden Public Library. During the pandemic, however, we meet by Zoom. Let us know if you want to join us.


Please join us to learn more about S.E.A. and to share your ideas.


Address: 55 Main St, Camden, ME 04843

Phone: (207) 236-3440